How to Avoid the 4 Deadly Sins of Emotions & Feelings 


Chances are, you're already killing it in certain areas of your life or career, and you're ready to take it to the next level by growing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)...

Or maybe you've never heard of EQ before and you're wondering if it's something that could help you...

Or maybe you're committing one of these 4 Deadly Sins and don't even realize how much it's affecting you (it's life-changing!)...

This is the course for you.


  • The 4 ways most people deal with their emotions & feelings...which always lead to negative consequences!

  • How your brain is wired to be emotional *before* it can be logical.

  • Why self-awareness is the foundation for all Emotional Intelligence, and a simple way to begin growing it today.

  • How to begin reading the unspoken emotions of the people around you.

  • The characteristics of people who are highly socially aware, and how that gives them an edge in their job, business and life.

  • Plus, take the Body Language Quiz and see how well you're reading the non-verbal communication of the people around you!


NOTE: This isn't some frou-frou free course where you'll just listen to me talk for an hour, but not learn anything. That's not how I roll. While there's no way I can teach you everything about Emotional Intelligence in one sitting, you will absolutely get real and actionable info that, if applied, will have an immediate impact on your life.

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"This was so helpful! It helped me to see where my weaknesses are.

My 17 year old came in toward the beginning and I had her sit in and listen, too. I think that this will give us a starting place for discussion. I am thinking about how valuable this will be for her last year of High School."


"This course was more helpful than I expected. I watched with the intent of helping others. I learned so much!! I had not heard of EQ before.

I learned that it's possible to be strong in areas, but not necessarily for healthy reasons - that was a huge eye-opener!

I am very interested in learning more so that I can be healthier in this area. I, too, am a BIG people pleaser and I need to address this.

Thank you for being real and sharing this!"


"Thanks so much, Noble, I really enjoyed this.

One thing that really stuck out was: 'Pain and bitterness that's not transformed will be transferred somewhere else in your life'. That's so true.

I loved the way you presented this!"


"Awesome skinny. I'm definitely a candidate for EQ management.

Thanks for the awareness!"


"This course was really great - very informative! I feel validated and seen.

I'm looking forward to learning more about EQ Mafia!"


"Great information, Noble!

I am 100% agreeing with and learning from your message!"

Ta-Sin, Laura, Teisha, Esperanza, Ashley, and Dale

"10/10 Recommend!"


Noble is a West Point grad, former Infantry Officer turned Entrepreneur who, until just a few years ago, was emotionally clueless.

A fight with his wife caused him to start learning about feelings & emotions (crazy concept!) and eventually led him to learning about Emotional Intelligence.

Growing his EQ radically changed every area of his life for the better and now he's passionate about teaching this skill to leaders, entrepreneurs & influencers through his podcast, EQ Gangster, and his monthly membership, EQ Mafia.

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Then check your email...I'll send you the link ASAP!

You will receive occasional (and awesome!) emails from me. You can unsubscribe at any time.