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Noble Gibbens

Founder of EQBoss

Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Corporate Speaker & Trainer

Executive Leadership Coach



Industries Noble has trained:


Military Units



Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Real Estate Professionals

Small Business Owners

LEO & First Responders


'Business as Usual' doesn't exist anymore.


The world has changed irreversibly...stress is higher, the stakes are higher, and everyone is feeling the pressure. 

You & your business must evolve.

The goal can no longer be just about building better businesses, it has to be about helping the people who run & represent those businesses become better people.

Emotional Intelligence is the non-negotiable skill necessary to thrive in this new business landscape.

I can help.

I will teach you to notice & identify the emotions behind unproductive behaviors so you can coach & lead from a higher perspective.

This results in a better-functioning, higher-producing team with fewer problems.

Emotional Intelligence, referred to as EQ (Emotional Quotient), is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, engage socially, navigate challenges and make decisions.


EQ is not a basis for being “emotional” but rather our ability to effectively identify and manage our emotions and the emotions of others as a means to favorable outcomes.

Why does EQ matter?

In short, everything you perceive, every thought you think, and every action you take is first filtered through the area of your brain where you process emotion (even the most logical & pragmatic person does this!). 

Yet very few are aware of the ways their emotions are affecting them on a daily basis.

Emotional Intelligence skills turn this neurological fact into a superpower, both in your professional & personal life.

EQ skills help you:
  • Skyrocket your leadership ability
  • Identify the root of & end unproductive behavior
  • Connect on a meaningful level with clients, co-workers & friends
  • Increase your capacity 
  • Assert yourself appropriately
  • Increase your influence
  • Handle conflict better
  • Increase stress tolerance
  • Communicate with others in a meaningful & effective way
  • Read people better
  • Eliminate emotional triggers



All of which creates exceptional leaders, delivering exceptional results 

We are light years ahead in just six months...

"After this past year, I knew I needed to invest back into our key people to keep them sharp and relevant, and to relieve stress. Noble gave us a strategy, a game plan, and a path forward to reach our company's most important goals by helping our leaders grow in THE most important aspect of their career: Emotional Intelligence.

As a result of working with Noble, we are light years ahead in just 6 months because we are speaking the same language & working it into our culture. This is the best journey we've ever done as a team and I can't imagine not having this be a part of our on-going professional development program."

- Scott, President & CEO

'Personal development' still left a big gap in my game...

"When I first started working with Noble, my professional & personal relationships were strained. All the 'personal development' I had been doing still left a big gap in my game. The EQ growth I have had as a result of working with Noble has become a springboard to my career and my personal relationships.

With the current skillset your team has, you'll get the job done....maybe. But by growing the individuals on your team and giving them the tools to use EQ skills in their relationships - both personally and professionally - they're going to get there much more quickly.

Leaders without Emotional Intelligence may hit their goals, but leaders with Emotional Intelligence will not only hit their goals, but they'll also make everyone else around them successful, too."

- Tim, Former Senior Special Operations Leader and now Executive Director of Security

We became the highest-producing team in less than a year...

"Noble helped me turn my team of 80 middle-of-the-road salespeople into the highest-producing team in my international company of 1,000 people in less than a year. I was reading all the business, leadership and personality books, but I was still missing something...and then I met Noble.

In the process of helping me learn EQ skills, he also helped me discover my superpowers as a leader and a coach, and those two things combined caused us to take off.

Noble deeply understands business and what it takes to apply EQ to business for success so you can pass that on to your circle of influence."

-Jessica, Regional Sales Manager

Better leaders ➡︎ Better culture ➡︎ Better results

Here's why I developed this program

I've been an entrepreneur for nearly 25 years.

By the age of 30, I was in the top .04% of my industry, leading a team of hundreds and speaking to audiences around the world.

I was a 'success story' and it looked like I was killing it in my career & in my life in general.


But being able to get results doesn't equal success.


The reality is, I had hit an invisible ceiling in my capacity & potential and I had no idea how to fix it.

If you scratched just below the surface of all the accomplishments, I was:

  • Emotionally clueless
  • Addicted to people-pleasing
  • Emotionally needy
  • Triggered easily & often
  • Unaware of how others perceived me
  • Continually self-sabotaging
  • Terrible at handling conflict
  • Unproductive
  • Overwhelmed by details

The thing that changed all of that was

Emotional Intelligence

I got certified as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and an Executive Coach and have been taking this transformation to individuals, corporations,  and military & civilian organizations ever since.

We'll start with a Scientific Assessment of your Emotional Intelligence

Your EQ growth journey begins with taking the EQ-i 2.0  Assessment, one of the most respected and recognized EQ assessment instruments worldwide.

It measures 16 components of Emotional Intelligence, each of which plays a critical role in your personal & professional effectiveness. 

The ability to assess your Emotional + Social Intelligence is critical to creating a game plan to grow it! 

Here's a glimpse at what the Assessment measures:

  • The Self-Perception Composite measures your ability to like yourself, be self-confident, set goals, reach your potential and know what you're feeling, and why.
  • The Self-Expression Composite measures your ability to communicate your feelings, your tendency to speak your mind, and your ability to be autonomous.
  • The Interpersonal Composite measures your ability to build & nurture mutually satisfying personal relationships that include trust & compassion. It's also your ability to read others' emotions and contribute to the greater good of society.
  • The Decision Making Composite measures your ability to solve problems in spite of - and sometimes with the help of - emotions (both yours & others'). It's also the ability to use what is actually happening to ground communication, emotional reactions and decisions.
  • The Stress Management Composite measures your ability to take in new data and change your mind & emotions when appropriate. It also measures your ability to remain functional & effective in the face of stress, and to look to the future with hope and see at least the possibility of a positive outcome - even in the face of stress or disappointment.
  • Finally, the Happiness Scale is an indicator of general well-being that impacts each of the other elements.

Don't assume this assessment is "touchy-feely" or overly reliant on emotional and subjective issues! 

The EQ-i 2.0 is a statistically validated tool that deals with many objective elements, including problem-solving, reality testing, flexibility and independence to name just a few.

Unlike other assessments made up of right & wrong answers, there are no wrong answers here. The EQ-i 2.0 results in a profile that reveals potential strengths and growth opportunities

You will receive an 20+ page comprehensive report showing your scores in each area, the impact it's having on your personal & professional life, as well as suggestions for growth strategies. 

Once you take the Assessment, we'll set up a 1-1 Interpretation call to review your results together.

You will need approximately 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to take the assessment.

The EQ-i2.0 Assessment is the foundation for all the coaching we'll be doing over the next several months.

1-on-1 Coaching Engagements

After your EQ-i2.0 Assessment Interpretation call, we will begin meeting 1-1 via Zoom for a minimum of 6 engagements

The results of your assessment will inform the specific growth program I create just for you.

Not only will you make massive progress in growing your EQ, but you'll also get a masterclass in personalities & strengths, and how to best relate to each of them based on your unique strengths profile.

Build a team of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Imagine how the culture of your organization can improve when the leaders gain these priceless EQ skills

In addition to the EQ-i2.0 Assessment & 1-on-1 engagements, when you implement EQBoss with your leaders, you'll also get

Group Coaching:

Once a month, I'll host a group coaching event so that your team begins speaking the same language & solidifies the new culture that is being created.

On-Site Event:

I love meeting my clients in person! These events are a great way to either introduce or solidify the new EQ skills you're introducing to your team.


Need an engaging, entertaining speaker for your upcoming event? I'm your man.

Corporate Consulting Inquiries

Also, ask questions or let me know how I can help you.

Noble is the coach for you if: 

  • Your or your team's behavioral models aren't working.

  • You are dealing with repeat behavior issues or inefficiencies.

  • You or a team member is in the right position, doing the work they're best suited for, but they're still not optimizing their potential in that position.

  • Relationships are strained or the workplace culture needs to be improved.

  • You're ready for the next evolution in your personal growth & development journey.

  • The stress & performance levels are high and you need better tools to manage it.



  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

  • The 5 Behaviors® Team Development Accredited Facilitator 

  • 24 years experience personal, executive & group coaching

  • Graduate of The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY and U.S. Army veteran

"Noble Rocks.

Awesome endorsement here"

-Scott Criswell, CEO of Symmetry

About Noble


I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and went on to serve in the US Army in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC.

After leaving the military, I spent 20+ years as an entrepreneur, and was involved with 10 different start-ups, ranging from Sales to Executive Coaching to Government Contracting.

As much as I enjoy the business side of things, my real passion is the PEOPLE who make those businesses run, and I am most passionate about helping them grow in ways that affect their work performance and also benefit their personal lives & relationships.

I've had the privilege of speaking to business organizations both across the country and internationally, and bring a lot of energy & engagement to my presentations.

I have been married to Kathy for 25 years and we have a 14-year old daughter and a Goldendoodle named Ted. We live in Colorado where we can see the Rocky Mountains from our back porch. I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taco Tuesday equally.