#123: How To Understand Your EQ Assessment w/15-Year EQ Coach, Hassan

Episode #123

Hassan has worked extensively with both the military and the private sector for 15 years.


We are able to impact and grow our emotional intelligence.


Are your current behaviors serving you most effectively?


If not, you can choose different behaviors by intentionally growing your EQ.

Our emotional health impacts us professionally AND personally.


Some folks see positive EQ growth at home which gives them confidence to try it at work.


Work on 1 - 3 emotional subscales at a time, but no more than 3 (of the 15 emotional subscales).


Leverage what you’re doing well emotionally to help grow some of your weaker areas.


EQ is about how we show up in life.


We can actually have too much engagement of a particular emotional subscale.


We can also have higher engagement in an emotional subscale for unhealthy reasons.


We need both insight & action. Insight alone isn’t enough.


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