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EQ Gangster

Hosted by: Noble Gibbens

Hey Entrepreneur & Leader, did you know that Emotional Intelligence is the New Secret Sauce Strategy?! EQ Gangster is specifically for business owners & leaders who are honest enough to admit that they just...

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#152: How Quality Impacts Emotions

Episode #152

List the brands you use on a regular basis.   List what emotions / feelings each of those brands elicit.   What brands will you not do business with.   What emotions / feelings do those brands elicit.   What brand do...
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151 How EQ Impacts Our Spiritual Perspective, A Weird Prophecy Over Me

Episode #151

How do you think our emotional health or emotional intelligence impacts our faith or view of God?   What’s your view of God?   What impacted that view or perspective of God?    What emotions come up when you think of...
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#150: The Emotional Journey of the Military VA Process & What I Wish I Knew

Episode #150

What I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional journey of having to go back through my military past.   I had not addressed or dealt with any of my past military emotional issues / injuries.   It might be helpful to...
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#149: The EQ Gangster Rebrand & Remodel

Episode #149

The journey Of how we arrived at EQ for entrepreneurs.   And the journey of how we arrived at EQ Gangster and EQ Mafia.   What makes you unique?    Who is your audience?    Who do you bring the best out of?    Who is...
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#148: How Do You Develop Boldness? Does It Even Matter?

Episode #148

This episode we explore how emotional health & emotional intelligence impacts boldness.    What is boldness? How do you define boldness? Where does it come from? What does it do for you? How does it serve you? Can...
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#147: Lessons from 81 Pitches to National & Regional Media, The Importance of Connection

Episode #147

Closed 85% of my pitches to National & Regional Media Representatives (69 of 81).    Showed me the relevance & importance of emotions, emotional health, & emotional intelligence in our country today.   Who...
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#146: Massive Proof of Growth Milestone, Not Overwhelmed or Shutting Down

Episode #146

Thank you for watching & listening    Thank you for rating, reviewing, subscribing & sharing. If you haven’t yet, it would really mean a lot if you did just take 30 seconds to rate & review & share a...
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#145: Massive Sex Breakthrough

Episode #145

My wife & I have struggled w/our sex lives for the vast majority of our 25 year marriage.   She had abandonment issues which led her to become what’s known as an Intimacy Anorexic. That’s someone who has an...
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#144: Emotionally Healthy Homeschooling w/CEO of Classical Conversations, Robert Bortins

Episode #144

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#143: Do You Have Any Lingering Bitterness? (from a recent trigger)

Episode #143

I was just triggered from being semi-attacked.   It caused me to do some reflection.   Do you know anyone that has been bitter & jaded for months or years?   What are they like to be around?   How happy or...
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#142: The Importance of Emotional Bandwidth

Episode #142

Story: teacher w/little to no emotional bandwidth.    How much emotional bandwidth do you have?   How much does it take to overwhelm you or trigger you?    Do you have a high emotional “tolerance”?    Do the smallest...
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#141: The Power of Hugs from a 2nd Generation Hugger

Episode #141

Story of the “hug line” that was 75 people long in Australia.   Story of my dad, as an ER doctor, giving hugs to his patients and watching them immediately calming down.   The physical & emotional power of a hug....
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