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EQ Gangster

Hosted by: Noble Gibbens

Hey Entrepreneur & Leader, did you know that Emotional Intelligence is the New Secret Sauce Strategy?! EQ Gangster is specifically for business owners & leaders who are honest enough to admit that they just...

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#140: Actual EQ Results in Coaching Session With Director of International Sales, Ryan

Episode #140

He react to crises differently based on recent cyber attacks on my company.   He thinks about my responses differently.   EQ has changed his parenting.   He shares a neat parenting story w/his son & how he has...
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#139: Have You Ever Mistrusted Your Partner? (Recent epiphany)

Episode #139

An exciting opportunity has arisen in our lives.   As I was sharing my excitement about it, my wife shared how she didn’t think it was gonna happen for us.   That was an odd comment coming from her.   When we had the...
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#138: Insights & Inspiration From One of My Corporate Clients, Ryan

Episode #138

Insights & inspiration from one of my Corporate clients   Who do you inspire?   Where are you at in your EQ growth journey?   What are the “consequences / benefits / ripple effects” of your current emotional...
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#137 How Are You Doing? No, Really? How Well Do You Take Care of Yourself?

Story of Youth Group leader    How EQ impacts life transitions   Lower EQ can hinder, hamper or exacerbate life transitions.   Higher EQ can reduce, minimize or make life transitions smoother.   What systems of...
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#136: EQ Tool, Thought Analyzer (EQ Membership Sneak Peek)

Episode #136

Thought Analyzer   A tool to think about what you’re thinking about.    Think, feel, do.   There’s always a process that happens before we arrive at an action.   Many of us are just not aware of what that process is....
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#135: I'm Feeling Terrible Today & I'm Ok With It Part II

Episode #135

What is the difference between stewing and giving yourself permission to feel unpleasant emotions?   Treat them as guests to your house.   Be curious about them.   Suspend judgment and evaluate stories and inaccurate...
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#134: I'm Feeling Terrible Today & I'm Ok With It

Episode #134

When is the last time you allowed yourself to feel unpleasant emotions?   How “good are you” at allowing yourself to feel unpleasant emotions?   How are your energy levels when you’re feeling unpleasant emotions?  ...
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#133: What Is the Relationship Between Performance and Connection Part II

Episode #133

How would you define “good, healthy relationships”?    Everyone’s answer is probably going to be different based on your personality and current level of emotional intelligence.   What type of relationship has brought...
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#132: What Is the Relationship Between Performance and Connection?

Episode #132

What is the connection between performance and relationship?   How do relationships affect / impact performance?   Have you ever experienced a negative or toxic relationship? How did that impact your performance?   ...
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#131: What Risks & Emotions Are Attached to Your Dreams & Goals

Episode #131

Each of our dreams & goals has certain associated risks.   Have you done a risk-reward analysis of the dreams & goals you’re currently pursuing?   Have you done an emotional assessment / evaluation of the...
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#130: Emotions Are Exhausting & the Mood Meter App to Increase Self-Awareness

Episode #130

God told us to sell the house…and that was it.   This episode is very closely related to the last episode.   I get sooo emotionally attached to every single property we visit…CO, MT, ID, SD…   I’ve gotten frustrated...
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#129: Trust, Gideon & Noble—How Does Trust Impact Your Relationships?

Episode #129

What’s impacting your ability to trust or not trust?    What are the consequences of your ability or inability to trust?    What is the relationship between trust & your desire to control?    How does control...
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