#117: The Gratitude Bridge to Confidence from West Point’s Center of Enhanced Performance Director, COL Darcy Schnack

Episode #117

Some of West Point’s newer leader development programs


West Point’s Return To Learn program 


Concussion Protocols


Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence model


Relationship between EQ and optimal human performance






5 Different Mental Skills

performance mindset



attention control / self-regulation

goal setting


So many developmental lessons to learn from failure.


Failure is part of the leader development system at West Point. 


Gratitude bridge to confidence.


Confidence and vulnerability


Confidence and self-regulation


Confidence and identity


Of the people I’ve coached, 100% of my clients exhibited behaviors as an adult as a direct result of their childhood.


No one leaves their childhood unscathed.


Childhood emotional neglect


If you don’t deal w/your emotional issues, your children will.